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It is no secret that college is an expensive but rewarding educational route.

I completed my studies a few years ago and I remember that I received a few presents and monetary gifts from relatives and close family friends. Being one of seven children in my family, both my parents and I were grateful for the gifts received!

The idea of a wishlist or registry is not new and works successfully for weddings, baby showers and birthdays – so why not use one for college!

Naomi Lewis

I created this website because I know that even though being a college student is a great experience, it comes at a great price. The generosity of my friends and family helped me to realise that people like to mark occasions by giving gifts and your college acceptance is an occasion to be celebrated!

You will be surprised how generous people can be, especially towards a good cause. We even have stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce offering scholarships!

I love the idea of a wishlist just for students and students love the idea of receiving gifts.

We have also tried to make your shopping experience easier by identifying the items you need so all you have to do is add the ones you like to your wishlist.

It is quick, simple and best of all, very rewarding!

Wishing you all the success.



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