Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Why create a wishlist?

Wishlists are a great way to identify what you need and share that list with friends and family. They work great for weddings and baby showers and this one will work just as well for your college!

How do I get started?

Login and  start browsing the items. When you see an item you like click “add to wishlist” and you will be prompted to create a registry. Choose a name for your wishlist for example “Peter’s College Wishlist” and select if you want the list to be public, shared or private. You can now continue browsing and adding more items to your wishlist. Once you have have finished creating your list, share it on social media or by email.  Now sit back and wait for the gifts.
If you need further help just contact us at hello@mystudentwish.com

Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free to create a wishlist.

Managing your wishlist

What name should I give my wishlist?

You can name your list whatever you wish, however it is helpful if you have your name or college in the title so people can identify the wishlist as yours…

How do I share my list?

You can share your list via email, or on your social media using the URL link.
You can access and share your wishlist by clicking on “wishlist” in the header. Then click on your named wishlist.

At the bottom of your wishlist you will see social media icons. Click on the icon you want to share your list.

Who can access my list?

You can create a list that is public or private. When you create the list you can choose the option that best suits you.

How do I delete items from my wishlist?

Click on wishlist in the header and once you select your name wishlist you will see an option to delete items.

Can I create more than one wishlist?

Yes you can, just make sure they have different names.

Can I add products from any website?

Not yet but we will be adding this feature very soon!

Buying items

How do I buy something from someone’s list?

Once you have received the wishlist, you just click on the item you wish to buy and add it to the cart. When you are ready to checkout you can click “view cart” then “proceed to checkout” and you will be directed to Amazon to pay for the goods.

Where do you source the items from?

We currently source all our items from Amazon, however we will be adding more retailers in the near future.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

Unfortunately we do not have any control over the inventory. If it is not available, try again in a few days.

Where will the items be delivered?

The buyer will enter a delivery address at the time of purchasing the item(s).

Will I be alerted when someone buys a gift from my wishlists?

You will be notified by email when a gift has been purchased from your wishlist

Who should I contact if there is a problem with the product?

If you have received an item and there is a problem, please contact the retailer directly.

If there are items that were not bought on my list can I buy them?

Yes just add the items to your cart and click “proceed to checkout”.

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